Richard Sherman says Seahawks are open to him returning

Richard Sherman

The Seattle Seahawks finally released cornerback Richard Sherman after hints of his departure from the Legion of Boom had been dropping all week long.

But at the same time, the Seahawks made it known to Sherman that their door is open for his return.

His release from Seattle cleared up $11 million in salary cap space which the Seahawks desperately need heading into free agency. Obviously if Sherman was to re-sign with Seattle, it would be for a much cheaper salary.

That would be an unusual situation, but stranger things happen in the NFL. If not the Seahawks, other teams are bound to reach out to him. Sherman turns 30 later this month and is currently recovering from a second surgery to his Achilles tendon.

When healthy, the All Pro corner is a force. He recorded a total of 377 total tackles, 104 defended passes, 32 interceptions and two touchdowns during his seven seasons with the Seahawks.

It will be interesting to follow his journey as a free agent. And, it will be even more interesting if Sherman somehow winds up back in Seattle.