Richard Sherman disguises himself as a Lyft driver and fools everyone

By Rachel Wold

The NFL offseason is keeping Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman plenty busy.

So much so that if you are in Seattle and call for a Lyft car, Sherman might just be the guy picking you up.

In disguise, Sherman covered up his signature dreads, threw on some shades and hit the road to drive multiple passengers around the city. Not until the end of the trip did Sherman reveal his identity. Though along the way, he gave plenty of hints about who he really is.

For instance, Sherman asked passengers if they planned to watch the upcoming NFL Draft. He stated that he doesn’t usually tune in until the fifth round, which is the “sweet spot.” That is the round Sherman was drafted by the Seahawks in 2011.

Sherman also mentioned this recent vacation he took, per TMZ Sports.

“I just came back from Hawaii actually with some of my friends. I try to make sure I go every year. There’s like 50 of us. We even see some guys we really don’t like so much from work but that’s part of the job.”

While the passengers remained clueless, Sherman brought up the Seahawks and said they drafted this “cocky little corner” who was a rookie named Richard Sherman.

In the end, Sherman let the passengers off the hook, but a couple still weren’t convinced of his real identity. He graciously gave autographs and posed for pictures after the rides.

Folks using Lyft in Seattle have now been fairly warned.