Richard Sherman makes special trip to surprise four-year-old hospital patient

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman

Most of us know Richard Sherman as a brash, confident NFL cornerback who makes big plays on the field for the Seattle Seahawks. He’s also known for his legendary trash talking, which fans either love or hate.

But find me one fan who doesn’t absolutely adore what we’re about to share with you and I’ll say that person needs a big hug, or a few thousand.

A four-year-old patient, Ellie, at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma thinks Sherman is pretty special. She’s kept the same “Shermie” doll with her through multiple procedures and surgeries, according to the hospital (h/t KOMONews.com).

Then she lost it.

Sherman was informed of the development and did something about it.


The look on Ellie’s face is just priceless. She cannot believe that “Shermie” showed up “in real life?”

Her excitement bubbles over and you cannot help but smile at her reaction. Sherman did more than just bring a bag full of goodies. He stayed and played with her, hugged her, and best yet, he made her day in a very special way.