Richard Sherman Gives Great Press Conference

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been among the most outspoken players in the National Football League over the past few years. And while some question his decision to speak out on the situations of day around the league, it’s clear he has a full understanding of what is going on.

This didn’t change during Sherman’s press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Sherman started the presser (with a cardboard cut-out of Doug Baldwin) by questioning the league’s decision to fine teammate Marshawn Lynch $100,000 for not speaking to the media on multiple occasions.

He then took on corporate sponsorship around the league, indicating that the NFL is hypocritical for not letting players advertise for alcohol companies while the league’s top corporate sponsor is indeed an alcohol company.

That wasn’t the end of it. Sherman continued to throw shade at the NFL in a presser that is likely going to draw a major fine from the NFL itself.

Not much more we can write here. Just watch the video embedded above and don’t let your jaw drop too far to the ground.

Congratulations Mr. Sherman, you spoke truth today. A truth that most of us who cover or enjoy the NFL have been saying for some time now.

Photo: USA Today