WATCH: Richard Sherman takes cheap shot at Bills K Dan Carpenter, chaos ensues

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman might be getting a hefty fine tossed his way after he took a cheap shot on Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter.

At the end of the first half as the Bills attempted to kick a field goal, Sherman jumped across the line of scrimmage early and then took out Carpenter’s legs.

Sherman was not flagged for this blatant cheap shot, and Bills head coach Rex Ryan was visibly furious about the non-call.

The NFL’s Senior┬áVice President of Officiating, Dean Blandino, confirmed on his Twitter account that an unnecessary roughness foul should have been called.

If it had been called correctly, the foul would have given the Bills 15 extra yards for their shot to score before the half.

Making things even stranger is that, because trainers came onto the field to tend to Carpenter, lead official Walt Anderson charged the Bills with a timeout and said Carpenter would have to leave the game.

Then everyone seemed to think the half was over. Except it wasn’t over. Anderson had to let everyone know there was still three seconds left on the clock, at which time somehow the Bills got hit with a five-yard delay of game penalty while the refs were still placing the ball at the time the clock hit zeroes.

In the end, Carpenter somehow had a longer kick than he did to begin with when Sherman plowed into his legs. A 54-yard attempt went wide right and Ryan looked like he was about ready to commit a deadly sin.

Alas, as we’ve seen seemingly countless times before in big games when Seattle is involved, the Seahawks escaped without a scratch, taking an 11-point lead into halftime.