RGIII Told not to Wear Religious Shirt in Press Conference

Apparently the NFL is just sitting around bored and attempting to find something to do during this slow time of the year. Using the guise that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III wasn’t wearing a Nike mandated shirt in his post-game press conference on Sunday,  NFL uniform inspector Tony McGee made the quarterback turn his shirt inside out prior to the start of the Q&A session.



We understand that the NFL enforces a strict in-game policy on what players and coaches can wear. This has been repeated over and over again with some of the most ridiculous fines possible, including players being docked thousands for wearing their socks too high.


But this takes it too far.

Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was wearing a shirt from Five Four Clothing during his press conference and wasn’t asked to change his shirt.

You draw your own conclusions there.