Rex Ryan Plans to “Build a Bully” in Buffalo

In his first press conference as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan came on strong while addressing the media with some pretty bold comments (via ESPN).

We are going to build a bully and we’re gonna see if you want to play it for 60 minutes.

I’m not going to let our fans down. I’m not going to do that. I know it’s been 15 years [since Buffalo reached the playoffs]. Well, get ready. We’re going.

We should have known to expect spit and fire from an enthusiastic Ryan when he first reached the podium to speak.

Is this thing on? Because it’s getting ready to be on.

Ryan comes to the Bills after six seasons with the Jets, who finished with just four wins this past season. Inheriting a fourth-ranked Bills defense that led the league with 54 sacks, Ryan should be excited about the possibilities in Western New York.

Glad your defense is awesome. But now, go get to work on that quarterback situation, Rex.

Photo: CBS Sports