Rex Ryan: LeSean McCoy is not just a ‘shake-and-bake guy’

The Buffalo Bills had LeSean McCoy taking snaps at the goal line on Friday, something coach Rex Ryan expects the back to handle despite being considered a finesse runner.

The 27-year-old found a hole on the right side and rushed in for a touchdown. According to Bills reporter Chris Brown, Ryan said of McCoy’s play:

“He’s not just a shake and bake guy and all that. He can stick it in there and that was good to see.”

McCoy himself was impressed with what set up the play, boasting about the offensive linemen and fullback Jerome Felton. McCoy said:

“The guys up front really just got to their keys and blocked well. I had the easy part, just get in there and get skinny and get in the end zone. With Felton he plays a bigger role in the running game so the guys up front mixed in with him it’s a great combination.”

McCoy had the opportunity to play at the goal line since the Bills larger backs, Fred Jackson and Anthony Dixon were sidelined with injuries. The result of the play provides hope that McCoy could be lined up for more goal-line and third-and-short situations.

Ryan reportedly wants to focus on running the ball this season, which aligns with a statement running back Fred Jackson made a couple months ago that said the Bills intend to give McCoy 300 carries this year.

At the very least, this news should be pleasing for fantasy football players planning to target Shady this season.

Photo: USA Today Sports