Report: Tom Brady was ‘Belichick’d out’ with Patriots

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick built one of the greatest dynasties in sports history across 20 memorable seasons. At the end of this past season, though, Brady reportedly grew tired of his head coach’s ways and it played a role in his decision to move on this offseason.

According to ESPN’s Ian O’Connor, Brady was “Belichick’d out” after two decades together and wanted to move on. The relationship between the two future Hall of Famers weakened and Brady ultimately chose to leave for a better situation.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft seemed to hint at the declining relationship between Belichick and Brady in March. Reports of increasing friction between the legendary coach and player came up in recent seasons and with Belichick running the team’s negotiations with Brady, it seemed unlikely that the pair would reunite. Kraft ultimately trusted in his coach, not stepping in and taking over the discussions even when talks started going south.

Ultimately, Brady will be in a better situation in Tampa Bay. Bruce Arians is one of the smartest people in the NFL, but he also brings a more relaxed approach that likely appealed to Brady. The Buccaneers also believed Brady’s struggles in 2019 were the result of a weak supporting cast with the Patriots, which won’t be a problem in Tampa Bay.

Brady was ready to move on from Belichick and the feeling seems to have been mutual. Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels reportedly love Jarrett Stidham and are confident he is ready to replace Brady.

While it might take some time for Belichick and Brady to mend fences, the two will certainly reunite when their careers end and reflect on the historic accomplishments they achieved.