Report: Tom Brady jersey thief may have ripped off Von Miller in Super Bowl 50

The Tom Brady jersey thief from Super Bowl LI is reportedly also responsible for stealing from Von Miller after Super Bowl 50.

According to Jay Glazer, the same man could have been the person who stole Miller’s helmet and cleats after the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers at Levi’s Stadium in February of 2016.

Glazer also said authorities used Super Bowl 51 footage to identify the thief, who may have been running a scam and using fake media credentials, per TMZ Sports.

“Glazer says investigators saw the suspect enter the locker room behind Bill Belichick and leave a short time later with something tucked under his arm.¬†Glazer says the suspect had a legitimate media credential — but may not be a real journalist. He may have been running a scam.”

It seems highly unlikely that a legitimate media member would be so foolish as to value a stolen jersey over the years of hard work it takes to make it onto a Super Bowl field to cover the game’s biggest contest.

It also seems like the man who is responsible for these thefts has a real problem. It wouldn’t be surprising whatsoever to learn in the end that he has been collecting these types of memorabilia items illegally for a long time.