Report: Titans could be ‘front runner’ for Brandin Cooks

By Rachel Wold

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks is seeking a trade. The Tennessee Titans, coincidentally enough, want to invest heavily on the wide receiver position this offseason.

According to a report, the Titans may be the front runners to land Cooks.

This could be the early signs of a match made in heaven. Cooks would certainly be the top dog when it comes to the Titans’ roster of wide receivers.

In turn, quarterback Marcus Mariota would inherit a tremendously dangerous receiver in Cooks. During his past two seasons in New Orleans, Cooks tabulated 2,211 yards and 17 touchdowns. Those numbers were gained despite what is a crowded receiving corps with the Saints.

There is sure to be more news soon regarding the possible Titans/Cooks pairing. If such a trade is struck, the Saints might just end up with one of the Titans’ first-round picks, which come at No. 5 and 18.