Report: Teddy Bridgewater expected to miss entire 2017 season

Teddy Bridgewater Vikings

The devastating knee injury suffered by Teddy Bridgewater during training camp this past summer cost him the entire 2016 season. According to a report, it will also likely cost him all of next year.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report passed along information from a source within the Minnesota Vikings organization that indicates Bridgwater won’t play a single down in 2017.

“Doctors have told the team that the shortest recovery time for that type of injury has been 19 months,” Cole stated. “Based on that timeline, Bridgewater likely won’t be recovered until March of 2018 in a best-case scenario.”

The information that emerged in the weeks following Bridgewater’s horrific knee injury indicated that the quarterback’s life was in danger due to blood loss on the practice field (more on that here). If not for the quick and precise work of the team’s medical personnel, a two-year absence from the game (at best) wasn’t the worst that could have happened.

The Vikings made a swift decision to trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for Sam Bradford in the wake of Bridgewater’s injury. They gave up a first and fourth-round pick to acquire him, and he’s on the books for the 2017 season at the cost of $18 million, including his $4 million roster bonus.

Bradford set a new NFL record for completion percentage in a single season this past year and should continue to provide the Vikings with excellent play at the quarterback position, at least for one more season. Based on the severity of Bridgewater’s knee injury, one wonders if he’ll ever be the same again.