Report: Teams frustrated with lack of communication from NFL surrounding coronavirus

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the entire sports world pretty much closes up shop during the troubling pandemic that is coronavirus (COVID-19), the NFL is preparing for business as usual.

The free agency tampering period starts on Monday with the start of the new league year officially set to take place on March 18.

We have yet to hear much from the NFL’s brass, commissioner Roger Goodell included. That has apparently extended to behind the scenes with teams growing frustrated over the lack of communication from the league office in New York City.

This is rather troubling information given that other sports entities have stepped up and decided to take dramatic action.

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As you can tell, the NFL is falling behind its counterparts. Some of this has to do with the league being in the offseason.

However, with the offseason getting going, things need to be clarified. Can free agents meet with teams? How will the new league year look? What about the NFL Draft in Las Vegas next month?

It might be time for the NFL to take some action. The league’s teams apparently agree.

At the very least, individual teams are taking action by closing down their facilities for the time being. That might be where we are at with the NFL. Teams making decisions over the league itself.