Report: Most teams believe Tony Romo will play again

Tony Romo

As Tony Romo begins his second career as a broadcaster, it sure looks like the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s NFL career is not yet over.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, most NFL teams believe that Romo will return to the gridiron sooner rather than later.

“Most teams still believe Romo will be back to play again and it will happen sooner than later,” Freeman reported on Wednesday.

This shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise. There’s been speculation surrounding the Cowboys that they don’t view Romo’s career to be over. Meanwhile, the way Romo’s ultimate “retirement” played out seems to suggest he’s not fully over his NFL career.

Remember, it came after weeks of speculation that Romo himself might be moved to the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos after the former Pro Bowler lost his staring job to Dak Prescott in Dallas.

Freeman went on to note that multiple NFL executives would call Romo’s agent up first should their starting quarterback go down to injury.

It’s an interesting narrative to look at, especially considering Romo is preparing to announce NFL games this upcoming season. Should he return to the gridiron before that, it would pretty much throw everyone for a loop.

This is most definitely something to keep an eye on as the remainder of the offseason plays out and training camps get going later this summer.