Report: Steelers WR Antonio Brown looking for around $16 million per season

By Rachel Wold

The Pittsburgh Steelers recently said they have plans to “take care of”¬†wide receiver Antonio Brown this offseason. This plan could include making him the highest-paid receiver in the league.

This aligns perfectly with what Brown is reportedly seeking as far as salary goes.

“The number that we’re looking at is somewhere around $16 million, and I say that because A.J. Green is the highest paid on a highest per year basis,” Adam Caplan of ESPN said (h/t Bryan DeArdo of 247 Sports). “You’re going to want to get — if you’re Antonio Brown — around that number if not beat it.”

The Steelers amended Brown’s current contract last season when they bumped his $6.25 million salary up to $10.25. While that is a substantial raise, he was still underpaid compared to the league’s other elite pass-catchers.

Brown has performed phenomenally well over the past four years, averaging 1,579 yards per season. He also has not caught less than 10 touchdowns in the last three years. He has more than earned his keep and rightfully deserves to be paid handsomely in 2017.

In fact, Brown tops our list of 10 NFL stars about to land huge paydays this season.