Report: Source close to Terrelle Pryor says ‘Browns aren’t serious enough’

By Michael Dixon

Terrelle Pryor was the Cleveland Browns’ best offensive weapon in 2016 and they reportedly want him back on a long term deal.

But according to another report, their interest may not be serious enough.

Another AFC North team — the Pittsburgh Steelers — were listed as one of several interested teams in another report, which can be read here.

It’s mildly surprising that the Browns are not serious enough. Pryor caught 77 balls for 1,007 yards in 2016. This was despite a revolving door of mediocre (or worse) quarterbacks and an offense in which¬†he was often the only viable deep threat.

With that said, Pryor did struggle against some of the game’s best corners. In Cleveland, he’d likely have to be the No. 1 receiver again, and those kind of struggles indicate that he may be a very good No. 2 instead of a strong top receiver.

It’s¬†generally hard to give the Browns much benefit of the doubt, but in this situation, their tepid negotiating actually might make sense. Cleveland is reportedly not interested enough for Pryor’s tastes, and that may be the best thing for all parties involved.