Report: Seahawks considering a college-style offense for Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks are reportedly looking into some extreme measures to get the most out of Russell Wilson in 2018, not to mention their dismal offensive line.

After firing offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and offensive line coach Tom Cable, the Seahawks have some big decisions to make on the offensive side of the ball. One of the moves the team is reportedly considering is a shift to a college-style offense that intentionally takes advantage of Wilson’s abilities as a runner.

“There’s talk in league circles that the Seahawks are considering the implementation of a college-style offense, one that takes full advantage of quarterback Russell Wilson‘s mobility,” wrote Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

On one hand, this makes perfect sense. Especially considering that, in recent years, Seattle’s offensive line has been about as effective as wet cardboard when it comes to traditional pass protection. Utilizing Wilson’s mobility in a similar way to how San Francisco did with Colin Kaepernick in his early years could really open things up for everyone else.

On the other hand, intentionally making Wilson a runner more often would open him up to taking more hits in the open field. That’s not good for his long-term health, which in turn would be catastrophic for the Seahawks.

The better way to fix the team’s offensive issues is really quite simple: Just fix the darn offensive line. Protect your quarterback.

It’s not rocket science. Wilson is a phenomenal pocket passer when given time to throw. Unfortunately, he’s been hit so many times the past couple of seasons he’s gotten skittish. Opening him up for even more hits isn’t a smart strategy, both in the short and long term.