Report: Rob Pelinka finalizing a deal to become Lakers new GM

This is moving at Los Angeles-level pace right now. It makes sense considering that’s where the Lakers reside and Showtime alum Magic Johnson is now leading the charge.

Mere hours after the Lakers announced that they have brought on Magic to lead their front office, it now looks like agent Rob Pelinka will be the team’s new general manager. Reports surfaced earlier in the day that this was a possibility, but now it’s becoming almost imminent.

Also important to note, Pelinka has apparently started informing his clients that he might very well be on the verge of taking the job.

Those around the NBA world know Pelinka as Kobe Bryant’s long-time agent. He represented the former Laker star and future Hall of Famer throughout Kobe’s long NBA career. This could very well be a way for Magic to somehow bring Kobe on as a player in the team’s front office.

For his part, Pelinka will have to divest from his relationship with his clients in order to take on the Lakers’ GM job. That apparently seems to be happening right now.

As all this happens behind the scenes, Magic seems to be working the phone to pull off a trade or two between now and Thursday’s deadline. It’s a completely different Lakers front office than the one we woke up to on Tuesday morning. And adding an agent to become the team’s general manager would only magnify this further.