Report: Richie Incognito wanted funeral home to cut off father’s head

By Michael Dixon

Longtime NFL lineman Richie Incognito was recently arrested following an outburst at a funeral home. According to a report, Incognito literally wanted the head of his late father.

“According to a copy of the arrest report, Employees of Messingers Pinnacle Peak Mortuary told Scottsdale police that the former Pro Bowler said he wanted his father’s head cut off for research purposes and that he walked through the funeral home punching caskets and throwing things,” Stevie Johnson of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported.

This case just continues to get more bizarre by the minute.

After the arrest, police reportedly found multiple guns in Incognito’s truck. Incognito’s lawyer released a statement, citing his client’s close relationship with his father for the outburst.

On its own, a man walking through a funeral home “punching caskets and throwing things” is quite troubling, as is a man being arrested with several guns in his car. Together, it’s downright frightening.

We can only hope that Incognito gets the help that, if these reports are true, he obviously needs. Otherwise, this could end very badly for not only Incognito, but anyone who may be in his path.