Report: Rex Ryan Expects to be Fired

The New York Jets have been a hot mess all season long. Boasting a 2-9 record and eliminated from playoff contention before December, head coach Rex Ryan must see the writing on the wall here.

Interestingly enough, a recent report from the New York Post indicates that Ryan has known all season long that general manager John Idzik plans on firing him following the end of the regular year late next month.

Sources told The Post that, during the offseason, Ryan bumped into scouts and other coaches from around the league who told him Jets general manager John Idzik had been telling people his plan all along was to replace Ryan after the season and bring in his own head coach.

“Did he think that wasn’t going to get back to me?” an angered Ryan told one confidant.

All year, Ryan has been exasperated by the deficiency of talent Idzik has given him — particularly at cornerback, which is the most crucial position on his defenses.

There is a professional way to go about things. And to be perfectly clear, if these reports are true, Idzik obviously didn’t choose the professional path when it came to Ryan prior to the season.

Sure new general managers want their own head coaches manning the sideline. We have seen this story repeated over and over again. With that said, Ryan’s private account of what is taking place behind the scenes goes much further than this. Has Idzik made a point of setting Ryan up for failure in the hopes that he would be able to justify firing the long-time Jets head coach? And if so, how would that sit with Jets owner Woodie Johnson?

This doesn’t even take into account the potential of mistrust between Idzik and players on the team, potential free agent signings and even head-coaching candidates moving forward.

If this report is true, Idzik surely did Ryan wrong here. As one of the most successful head coaches in franchise history, Ryan deserves much more than this.

It’s probably a good thing he’s on the verge of getting out of dodge.

Photo: SI.com