Report: Raptors trade Jared Sullinger, two future 2nd-round picks to Suns for P.J. Tucker

The Toronto Raptors have reportedly unloaded Jared Sullinger and two future second-round picks to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for P.J. Tucker.

Trading for Tucker is a smart move to upgrade Toronto’s bench. He’s averaging seven points and six rebounds per game, playing 28.5 minutes per contest. The 31-year-old small forward isĀ also a free agent next year, so this could be a one-year rental for the Raptors as they attempt to challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers this season in the east.

Sullinger is also a free agent after the season and hasn’t been a big part of what Toronto was doing this year anyway. He was relegated to the D-League and was only recently recalled to Tornoto.

The Suns are already in the west’s basement and can’t sink any lower than they are, so this is all about rebuilding for the future for them.