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Report: Players’ revenue share could soar in new CBA

Matt Johnson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL and NFL Players’ Association continue to negotiate a new collective-bargaining agreement, there is plenty o the line for both sides. While owners are focused on a 17-game season, players could reportedly see a significant spike in their revenue share in the new CBA.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, players could see their current share (47%) soar past 48% in the new CBA and it could climb even higher. If new television deals generate more money for the league, players could potentially push closer to an even split of the NFL revenue.

The NFL made nearly $16 billion in revenue during the 2018 season and that number is likely to be surpassed when the 2019 data comes out. Furthermore, the league could receive far greater financial success in the coming years with multi-billion dollar networks fighting for broadcast rights.

Of course, the owners’ insistence for a 17-game season in the future remains the biggest hurdle preventing an agreement on a new CBA. Numerous NFL players, including Richard Sherman, have come out strongly against the suggestion of more games.

The NFL Players’ Association recently held a meeting to discuss ongoing negotiations with the NFL. While it seems a 17-game season hasn’t entirely been ruled out by the NFLPA, it might be used as a leverage point to receive an even larger piece of the NFL’s revenue.

While it appears increasingly unlikely that players will need to strike after the 2020 season, it remains an option that has been discussed. Hopefully, for the sake of the game and the fans, a new CBA can be reached.