Report: Patriots unlikely to visit President Trump at White House

By Vincent Frank

It has been an annual tradition for Super Bowl champions to visit the occupant of the White House. Unlike NBA champions, this tradition has continued with President Donald Trump in power.

That’s likely to change this year. According to Ken Belson and Michael Crowley of The NY Times, the New England Patriots are unlikely to visit Mr. Trump after earning the Super Bowl title back in February.

“According to team and White House officials, scheduling conflicts have lowered the chances that the Patriots, who defeated the Los Angeles Rams for a record-tying sixth Super Bowl win, would visit. The two sides said they were unable to find a convenient date despite the president’s eagerness to have the Patriots visit,” the report read.

Belson and Crowley go on to note that this has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Rather, it’s all about timing.

What we do know is that Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a close personal friend of the president. Quarterback Tom Brady also received unjustified push back for supporting him during the 2016 Presidential Election.

The NFL has been in the news around the political world in recent weeks after Dolphins owner Stephen Ross hosted a re-election fundraiser for Trump. Though, this obviously has nothing to do with the above-mentioned politics.