Report: Patriots Defensive Backs to Practice With Darrelle Revis

By Rachel Wold

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis left the New England Patriots after just one season to return to play with his former team. According to ESPN, Patriots defensive backs Logan Ryan, Devin McCourty and Tavon Wilson will be re-joining Revis to practice in July.

Both Revis and Ryan share the same agent, which helps us understand why they would practice at the same facility. It is not uncommon for players from other teams to gravitate towards Revis to train. When Revis previously played with the Jets, many teams practically required younger or struggling players to travel to Arizona to participate in practices with the highly-regarded cornerback.

While the Patriots’ trio wouldn’t be seen as struggling, it is still beneficial for them to practice with one of the best, especially since the team is without Revis for the 2015 season.

Photo: USA Today Sports