Report: NFL to discipline all who impede injury protocol

By Rachel Wold

According to a report by NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, the NFL will discipline those who impede the proper protocol relating to potentially injured players.

As for who could face punishment, Rapoport noted:

“Everyone involved in the protocol is subject to discipline (fines or suspensions). That includes players, coaches, officials, a team’s medical staff, neurologists, or the ATC spotter.”

The rule reportedly applies to all injuries, not just concussions. Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke on SiriusXM NFL Radio, using St. Louis Rams quarterback Case Keenum and the errors associated with the handling of his concussion as an example.

“In the Case Keenum case, it was clear that there was somebody giving him medical attention and that that was already done. The problem we had was that the appropriate medical attention wasn’t given and there were several gates that, frankly, failed and didn’t do the right things for our protocol,” Goodell said, per “So we’re trying to make changes to that.”

Goodell also said the league will continue tweaking the rule until it’s sufficient. It should be interesting to see doctors, medical staff and spotters being held accountable.

The update follows the NFL and NFL Players Association distributing a survey to all league players that likely discussed the issue.

Additionally, the recent Ben Roethlisberger concussion case where he spoke positively on the NFL’s protocol and hoped there could be more communication between players, coaches and trainers when it pertains to injuries surely prompted Goodell’s involvement.

Anything that helps work toward ensuring the health and well-being of the NFL players is a positive, since multiple injuries occur on a weekly basis.