Report: NFL to consider relaxing celebration rules

The NFL has long been known as the “no fun league.” Never has this been more true than in the era of commissioner Roger Goodell, who has made headlines for his strict policies, fines and especially his handling of Tom Brady during the Deflategate scandal.

And while some of commissioner Goodell and the NFL’s “no fun” policies may make sense, especially to “old school” football fans who believe players should act like they’ve been there before, one rule in particular has drawn the ire of players and fans alike over the years: the ability to celebrate after touchdowns or big plays — or lack thereof.

The NFL’s harsh stance on touchdown celebrations has long been thorn in the side of players such as Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson, Terrell Owens and recently, Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but that could soon be changing.

According to Mike Florio of, who cited NBC’s Football Night in America, the NFL will be taking a closer look at player celebrations this offseason. And perhaps (but don’t get your hopes up just yet) the strict nature of celebration penalties could be “relaxed.”

“The evidence could prompt the Competition Committee to conclude that the rules regarding celebrations should be relaxed,” Florio wrote. “This year, many players and fans have balked at the so-called No Fun League’s decision to flag and/or fine players for displaying excessive exuberance.”

Florio goes on to explain that the NFL may allow players to again have the “freedom o express themselves after achieving a positive outcome on the football field.”

And while may never again have TO posing on the Dallas star or Ochocinco proposing to a cheerleader, the NFL relaxing rules on player expression and celebrations is only a good thing. It makes NFL football fun (again), and that would help both the league as well as ratings.