Report: NFL looking into shortening preseason schedule

After much controversy surrounding the 2015 NFL preseason, the league is reportedly starting to look into potentially shortening the four-game schedule.

Injuries were particularly devastating this summer, and many players spoke out against the current four-game schedule—Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers being one of the most outspoken on the topic.

After Jordy Nelson was lost for the season, Rodgers called it a “meaningless game” and when asked if he thought the preseason should be eliminated altogether he said, “I think a lot of players around the league probably do. At least cut it down, maybe, to a couple.”

Apparently, the league has heard these complaints and intends to maybe do something about it. Of course, money has a lot to do with such a decision. According to Pro Football Talk, that’s exactly where the NFL is starting as it pertains to any potential changes in the schedule.

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL actively is calculating the revenue that would be lost by reducing the preseason by as many as two games.”

The NFL could potentially shut the entire preseason down without NFLPA approval, according to the report, thanks to the 2011 labor deal. Conversely, the league cannot expand the preseason schedule without the consent of the player’s union.

Obviously, the league would attempt to recoup any potential losses if the preseason schedule was cut, meaning the 18-game regular-season schedule the NFL has been pushing could become more of an option. This will be an interesting story to follow the next couple of years.