Report: NFL interviewed Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott about domestic incident

Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott might be in the midst of what could be a record-breaking season. But his NFL career did not necessarily get off to the best of starts.

In addition to dealing with an injury during training camp, Elliott himself was facing domestic violence allegations.

Elliott’s ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson, posted pictures of herself apparently injured in what she called a domestic incident during the summer. This was met by widespread questions about Elliott’s character following the Cowboys selecting him No. 4 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Elliott has since been cleared with at least one report suggesting that the accuser was looking to shake him down.

With this out of the way, Elliott has been able to absolutely dominate opposing defenses while remaining drama-free off the field.

Though, it did not come without an investigation from the NFL itself.

According to USA Today Sports, the NFL recently interviewed Elliott regarding the allegations.

It’s common practice for the NFL to do this. And in reality, it’s better than the alternative. The league should cover all bases when it comes to something as serious as this. Unfortunately, the recent situation with former New York Giants kicker Josh Brown suggests that the league picks and chooses what it investigates.

As it is, there shouldn’t be any alarm here. Instead, it’s probably the league just making sure everything is settled as it relates to this situation.