Report: NFL draft ‘probably headed to Las Vegas’

By Jesse Reed

The NFL is moving its annual draft extravaganza around these days. No longer a Big Apple exclusive, the league wants to highlight its other great cities. This is why Chicago hosted the NFL draft in 2016 and Philly had it in 2017.

So what’s next? Nobody knows for sure. Eighteen cities are vying for the honor in 2018, but one city that could soon be hosting doesn’t even have its own team quite yet.

“The draft is probably headed to Las Vegas, according to a variety of league sources,” wrote Mike Freeman in his weekly 10-Point Stance for Bleacher Report. “It won’t happen in the next few years but not long after that, I’m told. The league wants it to happen, and if the NFL wants it to happen, it will happen.”

This is a totally logical evolution.

Las Vegas has everything you need to host the draft, including some of the best hotels, entertainment and restaurants in the world.

With the Oakland Raiders set to make the city their new home sometime in the next few years, and given the league’s relaxed view on gambling in general, it’s only a matter of time before the draft migrates to Vegas.