Report: NFL believes Tom Brady would accept reduced Deflategate suspension

Tom Brady

As the NFL delays its ruling in the case against Tom Brady in the Deflategate scandal, rumors are floating that Brady could be willing to accept a reduced suspension.

This flies in the face of recent reports that the NFLPA is vigorously preparing to take the case to court if the quarterback receives any suspension at all.

However, as Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported on Friday, that could change.

“The league is of the belief that they will be able to get a deal done with Brady and able to wear him down, and get him to accept a deal that will include him missing games as a result of the Deflategate investigation.”

Cole notes that the biggest factor will likely be the wording of the deal, stating Brady “will want to have the denial that he had anything to do with with the deflation of footballs and that this would ultimately be about him not cooperating with the league.”

Seems awfully counterintuitive.

Why would Brady agree to a suspension if at the same time he’s being cleared of deflating footballs, which just so happens to be the centerpiece for the entire argument?

It really doesn’t make sense.

Rumors have been flying around from both sides of the argument, and both sides have specific objectives in mind. But this doesn’t seem like a Dez Bryant situation, where the rumors will have any impact on the outcome.

Brady is going to fight this suspension tooth and nail. If Goodell thinks he can sway the superstar, then he’s got another thing coming to him. The previous penalty for tampering with footballs was a $25,000 fine—a veritable slap on the wrist for today’s NFL stars. With that in mind, and given the fact that Brady has maintained his innocence since Day 1, there’s almost no way he’ll accept any suspension.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports