Report: NFL Believes Team will be in LA Within Two Years

All this chatter about the Oakland Raiders or St. Louis Rams potentially relocating to Southern California might be more than talk at this point.

According to Pro Football Talk, the league believes there will be a NFL team in Southern California within the next two years. 

As the 20th anniversary of the NFL’s departure from Los Angeles, the NFL seems closer than ever to returning. Per a league source, the current plan is that the NFL will send one or two teams back to Los Angeles within the next 12 to 24 months.

As Mike Florio pointed out, three teams are the most likely to return to their original home in Los Angeles.

The Raiders do not have a lease with the Oakland Coliseum following the 2014 season, while the Rams can get out of their lease in St. Louis following this year.

As it relates to the Chargers, they would have to pay a minimal relocation fee, which would be worth it.

All three teams are dealing with major stadium issues and could very well look to get out of dodge, especially considering no new venues seem to be in the cards in their current cities.

Interestingly enough, none of the talk has surrounded an expansion team. If the one-to-two year time frame is real, there would be no time to get a completely new franchise up and running. That’s likely the reason there is no new talk of a 33rd team joining the league.

Photo: ESPN.com