Report: NCAA notifies Rutgers of seven possible violations.

The NCAA has issued a Notice of Allegations to Rutgers University following an 18-month investigation into the athletics program per NJ.com

University President Robert Barchi released a letter in response to the allegations, discussing the school’s stance on things.

The Notice of Allegations (NOA) details seven possible violations spread across multiple sports, football in particular, stating that certain members of the athletic department had not been operating in full compliance with NCAA standards.

The football allegations all stem from issues under the Kyle Flood regime at Rutgers.

Flood, who was fired in 2015, was charged by the NCAA with providing former cornerback Nadir Barnwell with an impermissible benefit by directly contacting one of his professors, in hopes of seeking special treatment during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Sources tell NJ.com that the entire Rutgers case has been given an initial Level II designation by the NCAA enforcement staff in its four-level violation structure.

Level II violations, considered less serious than Level I, are defined by the NCAA as “violations that provide or are intended to provide more than a minimal but less than a substantial or extensive recruiting, competitive or other advantage; includes more than a minimal but less than a substantial or extensive impermissible benefit; or involves conduct that may compromise the integrity of the NCAA collegiate model as set forth in the Constitution and bylaws.”

Other accusations in the NOA seem dire, including those regarding drug tests.

This defines gross misconduct from Kyle Flood during his tenure as head coach of the Rutgers football program and may lead to serious sanctions on the Scarlet Knight football program.

Furthermore, the university is expected to be charged with a “failure to monitor” for part of its athletics program, according to NJ.com. NJ.com was also informed of other possible violations include allegations of wrongdoing with regards to football recruits and the program’s recruiting host/hostess program.

While Rutgers had knowledge after the fact of the NCAA violations, they moved swiftly to rectify the issues as best they could, not only firing Flood and his entire coaching staff but also replacing Athletic Director Julie Hermann with current AD Patrick Hobbs in November 2015.