Report: NBA will not discipline Zaza Pachulia

Spurs fan lawsuit, Zaza Pachulia

As far as the NBA is concerned, the foul called on Zaza Pachulia for stepping under Kawhi Leonard in Game 1 is all the action needed to put the matter to rest.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported Monday that the NBA will not discipline Pachulia.

As Stein pointed out, Gregg Popovich was livid on Monday morning discussing the foul with reporters. He listed off a handful of previous incidents in which Pachulia had been involved in nefarious activities on the court, essentially saying that what happened in Game 1 was just a continuation of a long line of dirty plays by the Golden State Warriors center.

However, as we discussed in another article, Popovich himself has been adamantly against labeling such a play as dirty in the past when discussing his old defensive star, Bruce Bowen.

The NBA really has no reason to discipline Pachulia. In fact, if he were to be disciplined with a fine or suspension, then the NBA would be handing out fines and suspensions every single game, because this is a regular occurrence in NBA basketball. Dirty or not, it happens all the time, and the Spurs are hardly immune to dishing out the same exact scenario to their opponents.