Report: NBA eyeing 2020 as earliest draft allowing high schoolers

Adam Silver

Although it feels inevitable the NBA will eliminate the one-and-done rule, the change isn’t expected to happen for next year’s class of high school prospects.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, conversations between the NBA and Players’ Association have centered on 2020 as the “earliest possible date” to make the change.

Although somewhat disappointing a change wouldn’t apply to the 2019 draft, it does make sense.

These discussions are ongoing, and the next step is likely implementing a proper advisory committee for top high school prospects. Sure, the NBA and NBPA could hastily throw it together, but that’s not in the best interest of the young players, either.

The league has long been rethinking the one-and-done rule that requires athletes to be one year removed from high school graduation. But patience will be required as the NBA and NBPA mutually agree to reverse it.