Report: Myle Jack knee condition ‘more troubling’ than Jaylon Smith’s

By Jesse Reed

Myles Jack’s knee condition sent him hurtling out of the first round in the 2016 NFL Draft. Once considered the top player in the draft by many analysts who grade prospects, a new report from Ed Werder of ESPN suggests his fall might not stop any time soon.

Reports about the dire condition of Jack’s knee were swirling in the week leading up to Thursday’s first round. One called his knee a “time bomb,” and it’s been revealed that he has a condition called “chondral defect” in which bone and cartilage break away from the knee.

If teams view his condition as worse in the long run than what Jaylon Smith is dealing with, there’s no telling how far Jack will fall. Smith has been taken off draft boards because of a nerve issue stemming from the knee injury he suffered in his final game at Notre Dame.

Both players were once considered locks as top-10 picks in this year’s draft.

By talent alone, you’d think Jack will still be picked up sometime in Round 2 or 3. He will be able to play this upcoming season, barring another setback, and he should be in tip-top shape. The biggest issue with him is that teams have no idea when his knee is going to go bust, in which case he’ll likely need microfracture surgery — a shady prospect that has derailed many a pro sports career.