Multiple VIPs banned due to prank during Rob Gronkowski’s cruise

Remember the Rob Gronkowski cruise — that massive days-long party out at sea? The Summer of Gronk definitely got started early that offseason, and apparently some folks received bans from Norwegian Cruise Line as a result of an awful prank that was perpetrated by a still unknown suspect.

Among those who were banned are a couple of famous DJs, DJ Whoo Kid and Waka Flocka Flame, according to TMZ Sports.

“Somebody took a dump on the ship,” DJ Whoo Kid says … “Somebody pooped behind the pool and put a $20 bill on the poop.”

Apparently they took the term “poop deck” a bit too literally.

DJ Whoo Kid also said every VIP was questioned about the dirty prank and all of them received bans. He also said whoever did it knew where the security cameras were, because security hasn’t been able to figure out who did it based on surveillance tapes.

This cruise also garnered the attention of the NFL, which investigated claims of gambling but could turn up no evidence.

Looks like Gronk and his crew will have to find another cruise line if this epic rager is to ever be replicated.