Report: Money not the issue keeping Kirk Cousins from signing long-term deal with Washington

There have been many smoke signals seen throughout the past year indicating Kirk Cousins isn’t interested in doing a long-term deal with Washington. In fact, if you remember, Cousins was a hot name on the trade rumor front heading into the draft.

It’s been relatively quiet on this front since the draft came and went without any trade talks taking root. Since then, we’ve seen the Redskins say some positive things about their quarterback while indicating some positive developments are ongoing concerning a potential long-term deal.

However, new information has emerged that indicates nothing has really changed. According to ESPN’s Dianna Russini, money is not the reason Cousins is refraining from a long-term deal.

At this point, Kyle Shanahan must be smiling. The San Francisco 49ers are thought to be the team Cousins would most like to play for next season, which would mean a reunion with Shanahan, his offensive coordinator for two years in Washington.

Barring a crazy development, it’s a given Cousins will play for Washington this season. He’s going to make just shy of $24 million on the franchise tag — fully guaranteed money. But things are going to get interesting after the 2017 season, because it sure sounds like the Redskins will have to either pay him $35 million on the tag next year or let him hit the market.