Report: MGM took $3 million bet on Eagles to win Super Bowl LII

My, oh my. On Saturday, we wrote about how there had reportedly been four individual million-dollar bets placed on the Eagles to win Super Bowl LII. Now, less than two hours ahead of the big game itself comes another report that one bettor wagered $3 million on Philly.

That’s just crazy. Especially considering as of yesterday there were no seven-figure bets reported from anyone wagering on the New England Patriots. It’s clear that most people are either very much against the Patriots or very much for the Eagles (just look at this map), and most money has gone that way, too.

Of course, if Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Co. are even aware of any of this, we know it will only fuel them all the more. New England is going for its sixth title in less than two decades. Brady and Belichick have been to eight Super Bowls in the same time frame. They know what they have to do, and they’re better equipped than anyone to get it done.

Will Philly make folks jump for joy (and rich, to boot) or will the Patriots crush everyone’s dreams once again? We can’t wait to find out.