Report: Marshawn Lynch un-retiring ‘realer than it’s ever been,’ ‘Raiders or bust’

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Unleash the beast! Marshawn Lynch is reportedly dead set on coming out of retirement, with the caveat that the Oakland Raiders are the only team with a chance.

Those who’ve followed this story can’t be too surprised. After all, Lynch himself retweeted a message that indicated Oakland is on his mind, like, a lot. Also, some Raiders players have been unabashedly recruiting him to join them in Oakland.

The Seattle Seahawks would almost certainly have to release Lynch for him to land in Oakland. He’s still locked in with Seattle and has a $9 million cap hit if he plays, barring a release. This puts a trade almost certainly out of the realm of possibility.

We’d love to see Lynch repping his hometown Raiders in 2017. Now we’ll be waiting on baited breath for that exciting news to break.