Report: Marshawn Lynch ‘privately expressed interest’ in Patriots if Raiders back out

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Oh boy. Here we go. If Marshawn Lynch doesn’t get to play for the Oakland Raiders in 2017, he’s reportedly interested in joining the New England Patriots.

While Lynch is a very unique personality, he could fit with what the Patriots have going on. After all, Rob Gronkowski is as unique a cat as anyone around the NFL, and he manages to conform to the franchise’s team-first mentality. Who’s to say Lynch couldn’t fit right in as well?

However, it’s hard to imagine this actually working out in the long run. After all, Lynch would likely want more than what New England would want to pay, and the Pats are already closing in on bringing back LeGarrette Blount, per a report.

Still, Money Lynch teaming up with Brady and Co. would make for some entertaining offense. If, of course, Lynch is ready to rock and roll physically.

Then there’s the matter of Seattle. Would the Seahawks be willing to let Lynch go so he could sign with the Patriots? They’ve already reportedly consented to attempt helping Lynch join the Raiders, but it remains to be seen if that same courtesy would apply to the Patriots.