Report: Kliff Kingsbury could resign from USC to pursue NFL opportunity

Kliff Kingsbury’s career with the USC Trojans might last less than most anticipated. Just recently hired to be the program’s offensive coordinator, Kingsbury is drawing interest from several NFL teams in the head coach circuit.

A report earlier on Saturday noted that USC athletic director Lynn Swann is blocking Kingsbury from interviews with NFL teams.

In a vacuum, that doesn’t make much sense. If Kingsbury heart is not into it with the Trojans, why attempt to keep him around? Obviously, a head coaching job in the NFL is an upward move for the innovative offensive mind.

Now comes this report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk noting that Kingsbury is prepared to resign from his post as the Trojans OC in order to pursue an NFL job.

Drawing interest from the Jets and Cardinals, the 39-year-old former Texas Tech head coach could very well land a job here soon. The success of former pupil Patrick Mahomes with the Kansas City Chiefs magnifies this further.

Whether Kingsbury actually makes good on his threat to resign remains to be seen. It could be a power play from him to force the Trojans into granting him interviews.