Report: Klay Thompson Expects to Play in Game 1 of NBA Finals

By Vincent Frank

While Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson still needs to pass a league-mandated concussion protocol in order to return to the court, it’s being reported that he expects to be ready in time for Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

Considering Thompson was seen bleeding out of his ear and throwing up after receiving a knee to the temple in Golden State’s series-clinching win against the Houston Rockets this past weekend, it’s interesting to see that he’s already on path to play against the Cleveland Cavaliers just a week later.

Despite the report, nothing is concrete here. There’s nothing out there indicating that Thompson has passed the extensive concussion protocol set up by the league in order to avoid a hasty return to the court following violent hits to the head. No matter how Thompson feels, if he doesn’t pass said protocol, he will not suit up on Thursday. That much is known.

Photo: USA Today Sports