Report: Kirk Cousins ‘open to doing deal’ with Washington next year

Kirk Cousins is one of many NFL Free Agents who could make a big splash in 2017

The rumors swirling around Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins seem to be unceasing these days, and the winds of change are here once again.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported there is no deal in sight for Cousins before the July 17 deadline. This is no shock. The Redskins are reportedly embroiled in an internal battle about just how much Cousins is worth. And the two sides haven’t come close to doing a deal in two years now.

There have also been plenty of reports that Cousins is angling for a move across the country after the season to join Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers. On top of that, it’s been reported Cousins is really dissatisfied with the way things have gone in Washington. That money isn’t the reason he has no long-term deal with the franchise.

In direct contrast with all that comes a new report by Schefter in which he says Cousins would do a deal in Washington after the season.

At this point, we have to chalk this up to the NFL being a league of lies.

Agents and teams use the media to put information out there like this to sway the court of public opinion. Cousins may very well be open to doing a deal with his current team next year. He is a very down-to-earth guy, and he recently said “shame on me” if he based his life on money.

Regardless of all these rumors, there is one thing we can all agree on — Cousins’ 2017 season is absolutely pivotal. He can significantly increase his value with another stellar campaign. Or, he will end up losing a lot of money if he struggles.

Washington plays in a very competitive division. It’s going to take nothing but Cousins’ best to help the team make it to the playoffs. If he does that, then he’s got a golden ticket for next offseason, whether he stays in Washington or not.