Report: Kevin Durant may prefer long-term deal

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of USA Today Images

A lot of the talk heading into NBA free agency has surrounded the idea that many of the top players on the market will sign short-term deals as a way to maximize their earning potential moving forward.

It makes a ton of sense for a couple reasons. First off, being able to hit the open market next summer when the cap is expected to increase a great deal would help top-end players earn more money over the short term.

As it relates to some of these stars, the ability to earn a higher maximum contract with 10 years of experience also comes into play.

Oklahoma City Thunder forward and former NBA MVP Kevin Durant fits into both categories. He could earn a huge chunk of change should he decide to sign a two-year deal with an opt out next summer.

While that seems to make a ton of sense, Sean Deveney of the Sporting News is suggesting that Durant himself may be looking to sign a long-term deal.

Deveney indicates that Durant isn’t the type of player that likes to “fiddle around” in free agency.

The report went on to note (correctly we might add) that Durant signed a five-year extension with the Thunder back in 2010 that did not consist of any option years. This in lieu of signing a deal that could have seen him hit the market before his deal came up this summer, maximizing his long-term earning potential.

If this is indeed the case, the idea being thrown around that Durant will sign a short-term deal with Oklahoma City could potentially be thrown out the window. If he were to return to the Thunder, it might be on a long-term contract.

Durant has meetings set up at the onset of free agency with the Thunder and Golden State Warriors, among other teams.

He will be the most sought-after player on the open market since LeBron James decided to return to Cleveland back in 2014.