Report: Judge ‘pleased with progress’ of Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel was back in court Tuesday morning, and he left on good terms.

The former Cleveland Browns quarterback was reportedly called in because Judge Roberto Cañas was concerned he was falling off the path of righteousness, so to speak.

“Everything has been going extremely smoothly and my life is trending upwards,” Manziel said, per dallasnews.com “so I don’t even want to let this get anywhere near the rabbit hole that you were describing. … I’m taking this responsibility — I need to get my life in order. These are the things I need to do.”

Apparently, Manziel impressed the judge, who said he “was pleased by his progress,” per the report.

“The judge called the hearing because he was concerned that Johnny may have gone off the rails — but Manziel ultimately convinced the court he’s still living up to his end of the bargain,” per TMZ Sports.

The appearance in court was connected to Manziel’s 2016 domestic violence case filed by ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, which you can read about here. Ultimately, Manziel was cleared of the charges, upon the condition that he agreed to treatment for anger management issues.

The former star quarterback still wants to get back to the NFL. If he does manage to convince a team he’s worth taking on board, Manziel will still have to serve a four-game suspension stemming from substance abuse issues. One of the ways he could potentially show he’s ready to make his way back is by playing in the upcoming Spring League, which he’s officially been invited to participate in this year.