Report: Jon Gruden ‘has no intention’ of coaching NFL team in 2017

NFL franchises looking for a new coach can reportedly scratch Jon Gruden off of their lists. According to a report from Michael Silver of, Gruden is not interested in returning to the sidelines.

Given his coaching record, relatively young age (53), and the fact that it seems as though he’s been in play for every coaching vacancy since he last coached in 2008, this may seem like a surprise.

But logically speaking, it should take an awful lot for Gruden to become a head coach again.

In 2015, James Miller estimated that Gruden makes $6.5 million with ESPN. Only a select few coaches make more than that, and most make significantly less.

Gruden would certainly be in the upper pay grade, but the job is also much tougher. While being Monday Night Football’s primary color commentator certainly has some time demands, it’s nowhere near as demanding as being an NFL head coach.

If Gruden really had the bug and wanted to get back into coaching, he likely would have done so already. Gruden has spent eight years away from the grind of coaching. If he hasn’t gotten back into it yet, we shouldn’t expect to see it happen any time soon — or ever again.