Report: Johnny Manziel will start on Sunday against Titans

Courtesy of USA Today: Will Manziel see some action Sundy if Hoyer struggles?

It’s officially Johnny Football time in Cleveland — at least for one week.

According to Pat McManamon of the ESPN, Manziel will get the start for concussed Josh McCown, who was not cleared by an independent neurologist on Friday.

Manziel, to this point in his career, has not exactly shined when given his chances to succeed with the Browns. His rookie campaign was littered with mistakes. And then when he was brought in last weekend when McCown went out of the game with his concussion, he once again struggled with turnovers, throwing an interception and losing two fumbles.

With Tennessee coming into town, this isn’t exactly a great week to fix all that.

The Titans are being guided on defense these days by famed coordinator Dick LeBeau. Tennessee absolutely got into the head of Jameis Winston last week, and there is a good chance LeBeau will throw the kitchen sink at Manziel this week with the intention of creating turnovers.

The second-year quarterback must take care of the football, or the Browns will certainly fall to 0-2 to start the season. If he can keep the ball from falling into the hands of Tennessee’s eager defenders, then Cleveland should be able to win at home, thus creating a quarterback controversy, at least in the mind of the fans desperate for some consistent positivity.

Of course, we know that Manziel’s own teammates prefer McCown at this point in the season. Perhaps a huge win at home would change their minds.