Report: Johnny Manziel living with Josh Gordon

Johnny Manziel isn’t actually living with Von Miller (who, sources say, did not host Manziel), despite the fact he said he was after a night of partying at a Los Angeles club. Instead, per ESPN, he’s living with Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon, who is still suspended indefinitely after three months of waiting for a ruling.

“However, sources tell ESPN that the quarterback is actually not living with Miller. Instead, the sources say, Manziel is living with Cleveland wide receiver Josh Gordon in an apartment off of Sunset Boulevard.”

Seriously? What could go wrong?

Now, there is always the possibility that Manziel is actually on the straight and narrow. But all evidence points to the contrary.

So, even if he is actually living with Gordon, who has reportedly been staying clean and hasn’t made a peep of trouble during his year-long suspension, it could be bad news for the receiver.

Two guys with a history of making bad decisions just isn’t a good look, nor is it smart. Even if both are doing ok, there is always the danger that one or both of them lapses.

Let’s hope that this report, just like the Miller one, turns out to be false.