Report: Johnny Manziel case headed back to grand jury Thursday

By Jesse Reed

Johnny Manziel’s domestic violence case is headed back to be heard by a grand jury Thursday, the Associated Press reported Tuesday morning.

After the first grand jury assigned to the case never heard it, the Dallas County District Attorney’s office mentioned that it would “probably” be sent back for another grand jury but wasn’t definitive about it.

Manziel is accused by his ex-girkfriend Colleen Crowley of assaulting her, rupturing her eardrum and threatening to kill her. If he is convicted, Manziel could face time in jail and/or be fined.

“The domestic violence case, a misdemeanor, carries a maximum punishment, upon conviction, of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine,” wrote Jack Douglas of CBS 11 News in Dallas last month.

Meanwhile, the troubled quarterback has been cut from the Cleveland Browns, has been dropped by two agents and hasn’t stopped partying since the first grand jury was announced. His latest stop was a three-day tour of Coachella, where he partied and mingled with other TMZ celebrity fodder.

At this point, his NFL career is the least of his concerns. And, despite many people abandoning him to his fate, thankfully he still has one friend who won’t leave his corner. Von Miller continues to be an advocate for Manziel and hopes he can help his friend turn his life around.