Report: Jared Cook to sign with Packers

Tight end Jared Cook has reportedly found a new home, and it’s a great fit. Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Cook will sign with the Green Bay Packers to catch passes from Aaron Rodgers.

This would appear to be a huge win-win for both parties.

For the Packers, Cook will provide a threat from the tight end spot that has been sorely lacking for years. While everyone loved the Rogers to (Richard) Rodgers connection, the young tight end out of Cal isn’t a premier threat — Cook is.

One of the most physically gifted tight ends in the league, Cook combines size (6-foot-5 and 254 pounds) with top level speed and athleticism. He made a name for himself during his tenures with the Tennessee Titans and then St. Louis Rams as a tremendous deep threat and a guy who could take it to the house from anywhere on the field.

He’ll be a dangerous weapon for Green Bay.

On the other side of the same coin, Cook will finally be in a spot where he’ll catch passes from a quarterback who can get him the ball on a regular basis.

He didn’t have this luxury in Tennessee or St. Louis, where he played with the likes of Vince Young, Kerry Collins, Jake Locker, Sam Bradford and Nick Foles.

His best season in the NFL came in 2013 when he caught 51 passes for 671 yards with five touchdowns. Doubling those numbers isn’t out of the question now that he’s with the Packers.

Cook’s┬átalents have previously been wasted in the NFL, but now Cook will have a chance to truly show what he’s capable of doing at the highest level playing with Green Bay, and more specifically, with Rodgers.